I will support restoring the Provincial MSI Grant back to utilities projects to reduce your utility rates by 10%. I will ensure that this grant money is spent on water and sewer infrastructure instead of being spent on more discretionary capital projects like the St. Anne street roundabout and road realignment.

I will cut red tape for business to compete effectively in the Capital Region and create a stronger business friendly reputation.

I will attract more business to our community by getting the infrastructure in place to create a second light industrial business park.

I will respect the results of the plebiscite on a new library branch, a new pool, and a new ice arena. I believe the City should have a standard of plebiscites on large capital expenditures to ensure that residents have a respected input on large ticket items.

I will work to create an independent ethics committee comprised of residents to improve City Hall and to provide transparency of elected officials.

I will make local neighborhood infrastructure a priority by focussing funds towards curbs, sidewalks, boulevards and roads and other residential neighborhood amenities.