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About the Branch Library

How much will the Library Branch Cost?

Project costs: $19.5M (+/- 50%)

Operating Costs: $1.2M (according to the Library Board) up to $4.5M (current Library operating costs)

TAX Increase: 3% - 5%+ (in addition to your regular annual tax increases.)

What about using grants and other sources to pay for the branch to avoid a tax increase?

Administration has not mentioned any outside funding sources that could contribute to the branch construction and operation. Using reserves diverts funds from other need projects such as Ray Gibbon Drive.

There are NO additional grants to cover the branch operating costs, which are a higher tax increase than the construction costs.

You should expect tax increases for the library branch.

Does Council have to Respect the Plebiscite results?

No. The next council is not forced to follow the plebiscite results.

Many candidates are supportive of the branch library promotional campaign and construction after the election.

The individuals you elect on October 16 will decide whether or not the library branch is built after the election.

Your Vote Matters!!

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